Walk FAQ’s

Find answers to some frequently asked WALK questions.  Still have more questions? Please email us at cancerwalk@partners.org or call us at 866-296-6900.

General Questions

  • When is the North Shore Cancer WALK?
    • Sunday, June 27, 2021, but you can WALK any time!  Click here for more information about how the Virtual WALK works.
  • How long is the WALK?
    • The WALK route is 10K or 6.2 miles.
  • Where is the North Shore Cancer WALK?
    • Anywhere you want!  The 2021 WALK can be completed at any time and anywhere you choose.
  • Can I ride my bike or scooter the WALK?
    • Sure!  Please be safe – wear protective gear and adhere to social distancing and making guidelines.
  • How do I volunteer for the WALK?
    • Since the WALK is virtual this year, we don’t need any volunteers but we encourage you to participate anyway!  Stay tuned to our social media and emails…when we’re able to WALK in person again we will be looking for you’re help!
  • Where can I purchase WALK Gear?
    • Click here to visit our online store to purchase WALK gear.
  • Can I bring my dog along for the WALK?
    •  We encourage you to WALK with your four-legged friends!
  • Where does the money from the WALK go?
    • Proceeds from the 2021 WALK will be used to continue providing important services at Mass General/North Shore Cancer Center including: genetic counseling, clinical trials, palliative care, support groups, nutrition and wellness services such as acupuncture, massage and Reiki.  Funds will also be used to purchase a sophisticated scope to provide superior magnification for complex oncology surgeries at NSMC Salem Hospital.

Web and Registration Questions

  • How do I register for the WALK?
    • Click here to register, form a team, join an existing team and create your own customized online fundraising page.
  • Is there a fee to register for the WALK?
    • There is no registration fee for the WALK but we do encourage you to fundraise!
  • Where can I find help registering for the WALK?
  • How do I join a team if I’ve already registered as an individual?

Donation and Fundraising Questions

  • Is there a fundraising minimum?
    • There is no minimum fundraising amount needed to participate in the WALK, but we do encourage you to set a $100 goal to help us continue our mission of providing superior oncology care right here on the North Shore.
  • Who should I make my check out to?
    • Please make all checks payable to: North Shore Cancer WALK.
  • What if a check is made out to me, not the WALK?
    • If a donor makes the check out to you, simply endorse the check with your signature and “Payable to North Shore Cancer WALK” and submit it with the donation form. Please note that the account holder on the check will receive the tax receipt from North Shore Medical Center.
  • Are donations tax-deductible?
    • Yes. All monetary donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • Where do I turn in my donations?
    • Please convert cash to a money order or cashier’s check Use the sponsor sheet provided and mail checks and money orders to: North Shore Cancer WALK, 81 Highland Avenue, Salem, MA 01970.  Please do not mail cash.
  • How are offline donations processed and when will they show on my fundraising page?
    • Offline donations should be mailed to: North Shore Cancer WALK, 81 Highland Avenue, Salem, MA 01970. Once they are received and processed they will show up on your fundraising page. It can take up to 5 to 7 business days from the time of receipt for offline donations to show up on your fundraising page.
  • If several people give me cash donations can I write one check for that amount and turn it in?
    • We do not recommend you deposit the cash into your own account and write a check for the amount; the IRS will consider that deposit income in your account and you will be taxed on the amount. Additionally, if a check is written from your account, you will receive the tax receipt. It isn’t possible to have a check written from your personal account credited to another donor.For any cash donation you receive, please convert the cash to a cashier’s check and mail it with a completed donation form. Please be sure to include the donor’s personal information on the donation form so that an accurate receipt can be generated for tax purposes. If you have several cash donations from different donors and want to convert them to one check, you can accompany one cashier’s check with multiple donation forms to indicate the amount that each donor contributed. Each donor will receive a tax receipt for the amount specified on their donation form.
  • Do you accept matching gifts?
    • Yes, a simple way to double or triple your gift is to find out if your company matches donations. Contact your human resources department for more information. If they match gifts, they may have you complete a matching gift form and mail it to our organization. You can send those forms to: North Shore Cancer WALK, 81 Highland Avenue, Salem, MA 01970.